TopSail Energy Marketing Group

TopSail Energy Marketing Group LLC. (TEMG) manages supply and off-take products for TopSail’s Baytown Facility, and leads development efforts to expand TopSail’s rapidly growing footprint.  TEMG is focused on building rewarding relationships with UMO collectors across the nation to offer a ratable outlet and environmentally preferred solution for UMO.  TEMG will not compete at the street level for UMO collections. TEMG is driven to build strong, long-term relationships with its off-take customers and serve as a consistent, ratable, and top quality supplier of VGO and Flux into multiple markets.

Walt Finch

Phone: (832) 823-2380 Ext. 302
Cell: (336) 554-6866

Sarah Kennedy

Phone: (832) 823-2380 Ext. 107